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Diagnosed with a medical condition that may impact your driving?

Lots of medical conditions may have an impact on your ability to drive safely, especially ones that affect your cognition and neurological conditions such as brain injury, dementia or a stroke. 

If your medical condition or event is new and you would like to return to driving. And you have served the exclusion periods highlighted in Assessing Fitness to Drive for your medical condition. And your doctor has cleared you for driving back to driving. We will carry out a full assessment and provide a report with recommendations regarding your ability to drive, as well as any vehicle modification or lessons that may be of assistance.

Have a mental health condition or learning disability?

You may have a mental health condition or a learning disability that makes you need extra support to learn to drive. Driver trained occupational therapists will carry out an off road and on road assessment to determine the best plan for you to learn to drive or develop the confidence to get back into driving. We then recommend driving strategies for you to work with our rehab trained driving instructors to overcome difficulties you may have when it comes to driving.

Vehicle modifications for drivers

People with a physical disability which makes it difficult or impossible to drive a regular car, such as, people with spinal cord injury, limb amputations, biomechanical dysfunctions, short stature. Off road assessment will be complete to better understand the needs of the client, the OT will then liaise with the driver instructor and vehicle modifies to trial driving aids and vehicle modifications.

Passenger vehicle modifications

Those adults who don’t wish to drive or children with a disability who have extra needs to be a passenger in a vehicle. We will complete a full assessment of your needs and we can recommend which vehicle is best to purchase and how your new or existing car can be modified for your use. This could be having automated boot or side access for a wheelchair and ramp installation. Wheelchair and scooter hoists as well as passenger hoists.

Occupational Therapist driving assessors have completed post graduate training to assess how medical conditions or injuries may impact your driving ability. Rehab driving instructors have also completed specialist training to instruct and teach drivers with extra  needs. Our staff have extensive experience and knowledge, and work with drivers to obtain, maintain or regain their driving independence.