Assessment Process


The clinical assessment

In the off-road assessment your personal, medical, medication and licence details and driving history will be checked. Next, your vision, physical strength, range of movement, coordination and sensation will be assessed.  A cognitive and memory test: Drive safe Drive Aware and road rules. Feedback will be given on the results of the above. Then we meet the driving instructor.

Practical driving assessment

The on-road driving assessment takes place with a licence driving instructor that is rehabilitation trained.  The vehicle is automatic dual controlled (with modifications or aids as needed). The driving instructor and OT will have a pre-planned route and the instructor will give you instruction for each direction. The OT will be in the back seat assessing if your injury or medical condition affects your ability to drive safely. Feedback will be given afterwards on the results and recommendations by the OT.

Assessment outcome

The OT will sit down with you and explain the assessment results. They will explain their professional recommendations and what happens next. 

Outcome recommendations can be:   

1. You are safe to drive without conditions   
2. OT recommends NDIS funded driving lessons or modifications. 
3. OT recommends driving conditions be added to your licence to continue driving. 
4. OT recommends you discontinue driving. 

Next steps...

The OT will complete the Transport for NSW report with the results of the off and on-road assessments together with their recommendations. The report will be uploaded of Health link portal to the RMS medical team to review. As well as to your doctor, specialist and or the NDIS. Transport for NSW will then write to you with their decision regarding your drivers licence. The NDIS will inform the participant of driving lesson and vehicle modifications funding.

Helpful Information

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Occupational Therapist driving assessors have completed post-graduate training to assess how medical conditions or injuries may impact your driving ability. Rehab driving instructors have also completed specialist training to instruct and teach drivers with extra needs. Our staff have extensive experience and knowledge and work with drivers to obtain, maintain or regain their driving independence.